Summary: 12 Sep 2019 - 18 Sep 2019


New First Soyuz/OneWeb launch planned for 19 December
18 Sep 2019 - The first launch of OneWeb satellites from the Baikonur Cosmodrome is tentatively scheduled for 19 December, a spokesperson for Russian State Space Corporation Roskosmos was quoted as saying. >>>

New ONERA joins ArianeWorks
18 Sep 2019 - ArianeWorks, the acceleration and innovation platform created at the beginning of 2019 by the French space agency CNES and ArianeGroup, founder members and coordinators, continues to expand with the arrival of a new partner, ONERA. >>>

The end is near for Proton production
17 Sep 2019 - Russia's Khrunichev Center will manufacture 11 more Proton-M carrier rockets before their production is stopped and the project is closed, the center's Director General Alexei Varochko was quoted as saying. >>>

Roskosmos to build cheap Soyuz-2M rocket
15 Sep 2019 - Russian state space corporation Roskosmos is working on a cheaper version of the Soyuz rocket to cut launch costs for commercial satellites, Glavkosmos Launch Services CEO Alexander Serkin said. >>>

Chang Zheng 4B lofts three satellites
12 Sep 2019 - Rocket: Chang Zheng 4B; Payload: ZY-1 02D [Ziyuan-1 02D], ICE-PATHFINDER [BNU-1], Taurus 1; Date: 12 September 2019, 0326 UTC; Launch site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, China. U.S. tracking data show the three satellites in orbits of approx. 732 km x 750 km x 98.6 degrees. >>>

Relativity Space signs launch services agreement with Momentus
12 Sep 2019 - Relativity Space announced that it has signed a launch services agreement with Momentus, a provider of in-space shuttle services that move satellites between orbits, to launch Momentus' small and medium satellite customers on Relativity's Terran 1 rocket. >>>


NOAA mishap board completes investigation into GOES-17 anomaly
16 Sep 2019 - A blockage in the loop heat pipe of the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI), the primary instrument on NOAA's GOES-17 satellite, prevented the instrument from cooling properly and impeded its ability to collect data, according to a special Mishap Investigation Board. >>>

First Earth observation satellite with AI ready for launch
15 Sep 2019 - A few months from now will see the launch of the first European satellite to demonstrate how onboard artificial intelligence can improve the efficiency of sending Earth observation data back to Earth. Dubbed PhiSat, this artificial intelligence technology will fly on one of the two CubeSats that make up the FSSCat mission. >>>

NASA funds CubeSat pathfinder mission to unique lunar orbit
15 Sep 2019 - NASA has awarded a US$13.7 million contract to Advanced Space of Boulder, Colorado, to develop and operate a CubeSat mission to the same lunar orbit targeted for Gateway - an orbiting outpost astronauts will visit before descending to the surface of the Moon in a landing system as part of NASA's Artemis programme. >>>


New ST Engineering acquires satcom anti-jamming capabilities
18 Sep 2019 - Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) announced that its U.S. subsidiary iDirect Government, LLC (iDirectGov) has acquired 100% ownership in Glowlink Communications Technology, Inc (Glowlink). >>>

Iridium awarded 7-year, US$739 million contract by U.S. DoD
16 Sep 2019 - Iridium Communications Inc. announced that it has been awarded a US$738.5 million, seven-year, fixed-price contract with the United States Department of Defense through the U.S. Air Force Space Command (AFSpC) to provide unlimited satellite services from its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation. >>>


Iridium and OneWeb collaborate on satellite services offering
17 Sep 2019 - Iridium Communications Inc. and OneWeb announced they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together toward a combined service offering. >>>

Ball Aerospace, Microsoft to demo cloud processing for USAF
17 Sep 2019 - Ball Aerospace and Microsoft were selected to demonstrate agile cloud processing capabilities in support of the U.S. Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center's Commercially Augmented Space Inter Networked Operations (CASINO) project. >>>

Botswana Telecommunications Corp. doubles capacity on Amos-7
15 Sep 2019 - Spacecom, operator of the Amos satellite fleet, and Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTC) announced that BTC is doubling its capacity on Amos-7 communication satellite Ku-beams. >>>

Eutelsat 117 West A selected for new U.S. DTH satellite service
15 Sep 2019 - Eutelsat Americas, a subsidiary of Eutelsat Communications, has been selected by Orby TV for capacity on the Eutelsat 117 West A satellite. >>>