Russia plans GLONASS improvements in 2021

(04 Oct 2020) Russia's new GLONASS-K2 satellites will guarantee navigation accuracy of less than 30 centimeters, the general designer of the GLONASS system, Sergey Karutin, was quoted as saying. Also, a high-orbit segment will be added to the navigation satellite system starting in 2025.

"GLONASS-K2 […] will provide five navigation [signals] to civilian users, with the accuracy of navigation being less than 30 centimeters," Karutin said.

The satellite's estimated life cycle is 10 years.

Earlier, the general designer of the Reshetnev Company (the manufacturer of GLONASS satellites) Nikolai Testoyedov said that the launch of the new navigation satellite GLONASS-K2 had been moved from 2020 to 2021. Experiments on the ground found that some onboard instruments required an upgrade.

Also, Testoyedov said that the signing of a contract for the serial production of the newest space satellites GLONASS-K2 was due in 2021.

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In related news, a high-orbit segment of GLONASS is to be created from 2021 onwards, with the first launch under the programme due in 2025.

The segment will be up and running by the end of 2027. Karutin said the segment would consist of six space satellites in three plains. As a result, the accuracy of navigation in the Eastern Hemisphere will be improved by a quarter.

"The platform of the space satellite GLONASS-K, which has already displayed its excellent features, will be used as a basis for building a high orbit space system," Karutin said.

Reference: Tass

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