Kongsberg to provide equipment for Thuraya 4-NGS

(05 Oct 2020) Kongsberg has been awarded a contract for signal processing equipment that provides improved mobile coverage in areas with insufficient ground network. The equipment is to be integrated in Airbus Defence and Space's new mobile communication satellite, Thuraya 4-NGS.

The agreement includes manufacturing and test of electronics from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, division Space & Surveillance in Horten, Norway.

The satellite will deliver higher capabilities and flexibility while increasing capacity and coverage across Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. The new generation of modular digital processors from Airbus Defence and Space offers full flexibility for more than 3200 channels and dynamic allocation over a large number of spot beams.

Kongsberg will deliver integrated L-band pre- and post-processors. These enable the satellites to meet the communication needs at all times, both when new requirements appear and/or when the local capacity is too poor. The L-band processors are "SAW"-based (Surface Acoustic Wave filters) and the development is supported by European Space Agency and the Norwegian Space Agency.

Reference: Kongsberg PR

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