GMV to supply operations centre for Thuraya 4 NGS

(01 Jun 2021) GMV has signed a new contract with the UAE-based Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) to supply the control centre and flight dynamics system for the operator's sixth satellite – Thuraya 4 NGS, a next generation L-band system slated for operations in 2024.

Thuraya 4-NGS will lead the continued advancement of Yahsat's mobile satcom business through its subsidiary - Thuraya - in core markets. It will enable next generation mobility solutions with higher capabilities and flexibility, while increasing capacity and coverage across Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Yahsat is one of GMV's flagship clients. It is now using the company's flight dynamics systems and mission planning system, rolled out by GMV for the control of all the satellites of the Al Yah family (Al Yah 1, 2 and 3).

The contract also takes in the provision of other inhouse GMV fleet-control products like Flyplan, dealing with operations planning and automation. GMV will also see to the deployment and integration of the centre, as well as system maintenance and operator training.

Based on the all-electric Airbus Eurostar Neo Platform, Thuraya 4-NGS will incorporate a large 12-metre L-band antenna and a payload with on-board processing providing advanced routing flexibility of up to 3,200 channels with dynamic power allocation over a large number of spot beams.

Thuraya 4 NGS is part of a transformational programme to build a new and comprehensive ecosystem by upgrading all three segments, namely space, ground, products and solutions.

Reference: GMV PR, Thuraya PR

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