LeoLabs selects the Azores as site for next space radar

(16 Jun 2021) LeoLabs, Inc. announced the Azores as the site for its next space radar. As a strategic addition to LeoLabs expanding global constellation of LEO sensors, the Azores Space Radar will go operational in the first half of 2022.

LeoLabs provides low Earth orbit (LEO) mapping and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services.

Because of its strategic Atlantic location, the Azores Space Radar complements other LeoLabs radar sites, and will increase the frequency of observations LeoLabs collects on each satellite and orbital debris. This improves response times, and supports effective tracking and safety of flight. Second, the additional two S-band radars at the Azores adds critical resiliency to the global network, improving operational service levels and persistent tracking. And third, the Azores Space Radar accelerates LeoLabs ability to discover, track and catalogue the objects never before tracked, those under 10 centimeters.

Reference: LeoLabs PR

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