China launches three more Yaogan-30 satellites, Tianqi 14

(20 Jun 2021) Rocket: Chang Zheng 2c; Payload: three Yaogan 30 satellites (Group 9), Tianqi-14; Date: 18 June 2021, 0630 UTC; Launch site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China. The satellites were deployed into approx. 591 km x 601 km x 35.00 degrees orbits.

This group of Yaogan-30s was the ninth trio of such satellites to be launched. The Yaogan constellation is claimed by Chinese media to serve scientific purposes. Western observers believe that the Yaogan satellites are operated by the Chinese military for various intelligence-gathering purposes.

Yaogan appears to be a Chinese designation for military satellites (similar to "USA" and "Kosmos").

In addition to the three Yaogans, an additional rideshare payload was onboard: Tianqi-14 for Beijing Guodian Gaoke Technogloy Co, Ltd.

The launch of Yaogan-30 Group 10 is scheduled for no earlier than July from Xichang on a CZ-2C.

Reference: Xinhua

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