Russian tech firm develops new radar for safe launch of satellites

(23 Aug 2021) The Scientific Research Institute for Long-Distance Radio Communications (NIIDAR, part of the RTI Systems Group) has developed a radar system of space measurements to ensure the safe launch and operation of satellites in orbit.

"The system automatically tracks a rocket from its launch at a spaceport to the delivery of a satellite into the designated orbit. The radar selects objects in the near-the-Earth space, separating the rocket's spent parts from orbited satellites for their further monitoring," RTI Systems said.

The new radar is designated to monitor low orbiting space objects, automatically discover, track and measure coordinate and non-coordinate information. This helps promptly respond to emergencies in orbit. The radar can also monitor and register space debris to minimise risks for the operation of satellites in the near-the-Earth space, the company said.

The radar system of space measurements is a stationary centimeter-wavelength radar that ensures all-round control within 2,000 km. The station has been developed using the highly prefabricated technology, which allows assembling it within a short time.

Reference: Tass

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