Remote sensing satellite launched aboard Kuaizhou 1A

(27 Sep 2021) Rocket: Kuaizhou 1A; Payload: Jilin-1 Gaofen 02D; Date: 27 September 2021, 0619 UTC; Launch site: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China. The remote sensing satellite was placed into a 532 km x 545 km x97.53 Sun-synchronous orbit.

This launch marked the 11th mission for the Kuaizhou series rockets. Jilin 1 satellites are a series of Chinese commercial remote sensing satellite for high definition video within the Jilin-1 constellation designed and owned by the Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co.

Jilin-1 Gaofen 02C was lost in a Kuaizhou-1A launch failure in September 2020.

KZ-1A is a low-cost solid-fuel carrier rocket with high reliability and a short preparation period. The rocket, developed by a company under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, is mainly used to launch low-orbit microsatellites.

Reference: Xinhua

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