Russia's GLONASS satellites to get rid of foreign components by 2026

(10 Oct 2021) All GLONASS-K2 satellites will be made exclusively of Russian-made components by 2026, with the import substitution to be expanded to other spacecraft, the satellite's manufacturer said.

"We are on schedule. We are only talking about the GLONASS-K2 satellites, with regard to which the work has been launched. The rest of our spacecraft will copy solutions tested on the navigation systems. The component base, microassemblies, and individual subsystems will then be borrowed for other devices," Nikolay Testoedov, CEO of Information Satellite Systems - Reshetnev Company, was quoted as saying.

Foreign-made components will however continue to be used in commercial spacecraft assembled in Russia.

Russia embarked on the import substitution policy in 2014 after western economic sanctions and currency exchange rates volatility pressured the country to increase domestic production of goods and spare parts.

Reference: Novosti