Arianespace, Eutelsat, others sign Net Zero Space agreement

(14 Nov 2021) At the fourth Paris Peace Forum, Arianespace became one of the first companies to sign the Net Zero Space charter, designed to reduce space debris by 2030 and foster more sustainable use of space for humanity. This agreement is the result of an international effort by many players in the space sector, including Eutelsat, Planet, Astroscale and the French space agency, CNES.

The aim of the Net Zero Space charter, signed during the Paris Peace Forum, is to unite the different members of the space sector in a global collaboration designed to protect the Earth's orbital environment. All signatories have decided to implement concrete measures to reduce the amount of space debris in space by 2030.

The signature also reflects the major improvements delivered by the new Ariane 6 launcher to support the sustainable use of space. Scheduled to start operation in 2022, Ariane 6 will clearly express the company's commitment to reducing space debris, in line with the French law on space operations (FSOA). This new-generation launch vehicle will be capable of deorbiting its upper stage, for instance, facilitated by the stage's Vinci restartable engine.

Eutelsat reiterated its commitment to a safe and uncluttered orbital environment. This is notably reflected in the adoption of a Space Debris Mitigation Plan, a company-specific initiative that has been constantly updated since its launch in 2005. Under this plan, Eutelsat has achieved a success rate in excess of 95% for de-orbiting its spacecraft, well ahead of the industry average. The plan also promotes full compliance with the requirements of the French Space Act, which ranks among the most stringent in the world when it comes to preventing the formation of space debris. The Group is also an active member of the Space Data Association and an ISO 9001 certified company for its satellite control operations.

Reference: Arianespace PR, Eutelsat PR

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