BlackSky's latest satellites operational

(20 Nov 2021) BlackSky's latest satellites reached orbit and delivered first insights within 14 hours of launch.

BlackSky's "Love at First Insight" satellites entered orbit approximately 54 to 56 minutes after launch, promptly completed system checkouts, and were operationalised to collect and transfer imagery into BlackSky's Spectra AI suite of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which immediately processed, analysed, and detected objects of interest with no humans in the loop.

BlackSky has plans to grow its smallsat constellation by up to four additional satellites by the end of 2021. The successful launch of these satellites will double BlackSky's current capacity and achieve an average hourly revisit rate. Over the next several years the company seeks to establish a constellation of multi-spectral satellites capable of monitoring key locations on Earth every 30 minutes, day or night. The satellites launched on the "Love at First Insight" mission were designed and manufactured by LeoStella, BlackSky's smallsat development and manufacturing partner.

Reference: BlackSky Technology PR

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