Latest BlackSky satellites in commercial operation

(30 Nov 2021) BlackSky successfully added two satellites to its constellation following the Rocket Lab "Love at First Insight" launch from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on 18 November. The satellites were fully operational and commercially available within six days of launch.

"This was the fastest BlackSky dual-satellite commissioning process in the company's history," said Nick Merski, BlackSky chief operations officer. "Within one work week customers were able to directly task the satellites from our Spectra AI platform and pull real-time geospatial analyses and insights to their desktops and devices in under 90 minutes."

With the additional satellites, BlackSky's Spectra AI platform increases access to more timely analytics and insights for a range of customers including government agencies and industries such as transportation, infrastructure, construction, and supply chain management.

BlackSky will soon add two additional satellites to its constellation through a scheduled Spaceflight Inc.-managed rideshare launch with SpaceX. BlackSky said will this provide sufficient capacity to meet the expected demand for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Reference: BlackSky Technology PR

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