2021 Annual Awards for Excellence in Satellite Communication

(14 Dec 2021) Euroconsult has revealed the first recipients of its 2021 Annual Awards for Excellence in Satellite Communication.

This year's Global Satcom Business Award was given to Viasat, the global communications company that, for more than 30 years, has helped shape how consumers, businesses, governments, and militaries around the world communicate, according to Euroconsult.

The Strategic Transaction Award recognised a major deal announced in April that saw French satellite operator Eutelsat invest US$550 million into OneWeb, later upping its stake in the satellite broadband provider by a further US$165 million. Meanwhile, the Regional Space Business of the year was awarded to UAE satellite operator YahSat.

The final winner of the first round of awards given out at World Satellite Business Week's premiere showcase related to Universal Connectivity. The award went to one of Europe's leading satellite solutions and service providers, Telespazio, along with Peru's National Telecommunications Programme, Pronatel.

Reference: Euroconsult PR

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