Delay of the day: H-IIA/Inmarsat 6 F1

(20 Dec 2021) Inmarsat and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) announced a new date and time for the launch of the first satellite in the Inmarsat-6 fleet (I-6 F1) aboard MHI's H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 45 (HIIA F45).

Lift-off from the Yoshinobu Launch Complex at the JAXA Tanegashima Space Center, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, is now scheduled for 22 December 2021 at 1433:52 UTC. The launch window remains open until 1633 UTC.

The launch had been originally scheduled for 21 December 2021, however, due to possibility of bad weather, the launch was postponed to 22 December 2021.

Reference: Inmarsat PR, MHI PR

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