OHB building satellite constellation for high-speed data highway

(27 Jan 2022) OHB System AG, a subsidiary of European space technology group OHB SE, is planning to develop and build a constellation of four relay satellites for U.S. company SpaceLink Corporation which will form part of a high-speed communications highway in space. Both parties signed a corresponding "Authorisation to Proceed" last week.

The future contract will be worth more than US$300 million. SpaceLink is a subsidiary of the Australian technology group Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited ("EOS").

OHB's concept is based on the SmartMEO platform. Following a competitive tendering process, OHB was awarded the contract on the basis of this overall package of expertise and experience as well as its reliability in delivery.

OHB will also invest US$25 million in SpaceLink.

The SpaceLink relay system is designed to provide continuous, high-bandwidth connectivity to commercial and government space missions. The system is designed to meet the bandwidth needs and security requirements of commercial, civil and national security missions.

Reference: OHB PR

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