China launches seven satellites

(06 Mar 2022) Rocket: Chang Zheng 2C; Payload: seven smallsats; Date: 5 March 2022, 0601 UTC; Launch site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China. The satellites were deployed into approx. 480 km × 500 km × 63.45 degrees orbits.

Six satellites produced by Beijing-based GalaxySpace will verify networking technology and service capability of a low-orbit Internet constellation. The seventh is a commercial remote sensing satellite.

The flight mission will start the verification and application of communication and remote-sensing integrated technologies for low-orbit satellites, Xinhua news agency said.

Remote sensing and communication integration, combined with intelligent ground-data processing systems, effectively accelerate emergency responses.

The ground data processing system was developed independently by Four Squares Technology, a satellite data analysis company.

Reference: Xinhua

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