Spire Global announces contract with NorthStar for a dedicated constellation

(16 Mar 2022) Spire Global, Inc. announced a new space-as-a-service agreement with NorthStar Earth & Space, an Earth & Space Information Services Platform, to build a constellation of satellites focused on space-situational awareness (SSA) and debris monitoring. The first award within the contract is for three satellites, with pre-agreed options for NorthStar to scale the constellation to dozens of satellites as their business operational needs grow.

With this dedicated constellation, NorthStar will be able to monitor space from space, delivering timely and precise orbit determination, collision avoidance, navigation services, and proximity warnings for cyber security to the global satellite community. The mission will encompass the development of Spire's first 12U satellites as the company continues to expand the power, volume, and edge-computing capacity available to applications deployed on Spire's space platform.

Once operational, NorthStar will operate the satellites using Spire's integrated support infrastructure, collecting data to precisely track the orbits of resident space objects, and rapidly predict changes.

Reference: Spire Global PR

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