MTG-I weather satellite passes tests in preparation for lift-off

(24 Mar 2022) Meteosat Third Generation Imager has passed a critical set of tests, paving the way for it to be launched in December.

Last November, the satellite was placed in the large thermal vacuum chamber at Thales Alenia Space's facilities in Cannes, France. Following initial checkout tests, it underwent a five-week campaign during which, under hard vacuum conditions, it was exposed to the extreme of temperatures it will face in orbit.

MTG-I1 passed the tests with flying colours, with all modes of the satellite exercised faultlessly at both cold and hot operating plateaux. It also survived 'switch on' from cold non-operating conditions.

After removal from the chamber alignment tests confirmed that no detectable impact on instrument alignments had taken place and the satellite was then prepared for a suite of mechanical tests, which have now also been completed.

There is still another set of tests to go and these involve a 'fit and release' check of the launcher clamp band and adapter, supported by Arianespace. Then follows acoustic testing, final alignment and reference performance test at the end of April.

The satellite will then be released for final functional checks, including the system validation testing with both 'launch and early orbit phase' and routine mission control centres, Telespazio and Eumetsat respectively.

The final documentation set for the Qualification and Acceptance Review are under preparation. The consent to ship to Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, is planned for early October with launch targeted for mid-December.

Reference: ESA PR

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