Omnispace, TAS announce successful launch of first satellite mission

(04 Apr 2022) Omnispace and Thales Alenia Space announced that Omnispace Spark-1 was successfully delivered into orbit aboard the SpaceX Transporter-4. The Omnispace Spark programme represents phase one in the development and delivery of the world's first standards-based global hybrid network.

Thales Alenia Space designed and built the satellite, part of the initial two satellite Omnispace Spark programme. The new-generation NGSO satellite in low-earth orbit (LEO) will operate in the 2-GHz S-band. Omnispace Spark will support the mobile industry 3GPP standard in band n2561, making connectivity possible direct to compatible devices. This programme will serve to advance the development and implementation of Omnispace's global hybrid non-terrestrial (NTN) network.

Led by prime contractor, Thales Alenia Space, Omnispace Spark programme includes industry partners, NanoAvionics providing the satellites buses, launch support and in-orbit operations, ANYWAVES the payloads user antennas and Syrlinks the S-band instruments for the payloads.

Reference: Thales Alenia Space PR

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