Russia to launch first GLONASS high-orbital satellite in 2028

(21 Apr 2022) The first GLONASS navigational satellite that will make part of Russia's high-orbital cluster will be launched in 2028, Head of the GLONASS Section of the Roskosmos Navigational Space Systems Department Ivan Revnivykh was quoted as saying.

"Creating the GLONASS high-orbital space cluster of six satellites in inclined geosynchronous orbits is, undoubtedly, a new step in developing the GLONASS system. The cluster's first satellite is set to be orbited in 2028," Revnivykh said in an interview with the GLONASS Bulletin magazine.

Such satellites will be able to transmit two navigational signals with code division in the L1 and L2 frequency bands and improve the accuracy and accessibility of services in complex conditions, in particular, in the Arctic, he emphasised.

"These space vehicles will also transmit high-accuracy updates under the GLONASS high-accuracy system's service," he added.

Reference: Tass