Russia may integrate comsats with China's constellation

(27 Apr 2022) Russia will co-operate with China in satellite surveillance and communications constellations as is now the case with navigational systems, Head of Russia's State Space Corporation Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin was quoted as saying.

"Cooperation between GLONASS and Beidou can quite spread to communications and surveillance clusters," the Roskosmos chief said at the Sfera international navigational forum.

Roskosmos and China's Navigation Satellite System Commission earlier inked a deal on co-operation in GLONASS and Beidou mutually complementing global navigation satellite systems.

Roskosmos Deputy CEO for the Exercise of State Powers Sergey Dubik announced in July 2019 that Russia and China could mutually host three measuring navigational stations for the Russian GLONASS and Chinese Beidou systems on their territory.

Reference: Tass

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