NanoAvionics builds first nanosatellite for Prométhée

(28 Apr 2022) Satellite operator Prométhée has contracted mission integrator NanoAvionics to build the first nanosatellite for the French company's planned constellation of Earth observation nanosatellites and image analysis platform. "ProtoMéthée-1" will be based on NanoAvionics' 16U nanosatellite bus M16P.

In addition to the satellite with onboard camera and propulsion, NanoAvionics will also provide Prométhée with full mission services – testing, integration, launch, licensing, and initial satellite operations. The "ProtoMéthée-1" satellite is intended to be launched towards the end of 2023 in low Earth orbit (LEO). The company's service demonstrator will be based on a high revisit rate constellation (20 times more passes per day) and offering hyper-reactivity through inter-constellation connectivity.

The aim of France's Prométhée, located in Paris and Toulouse, is to bring less expensive space applications to emerging countries, in particular in Latin America and Africa. The company recently raised €4.7 million after a first fundraising in September 2020 of €2.2 million achieved through business angels, financials and three companies specialised in the space industry, Hemeria, Comat and ADF. The possible applications resulting from Prométhée's satellite data and digital platform range from forest fire detection to water management, food security, urban planning, desertification control, crisis management, critical infrastructure protection and defence.

Reference: NanoAvionics PR

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