China launches five more Gaofen satellites

(30 Apr 2022) Rocket: Chang Zheng 11; Payload: five Jilin-1 Gaofen satellites; Date: 30 April 2022, 0330 UTC. The satellites were deployed into approx. 530 km × 575 km × 97.54 degrees Sun-synchronous orbit.

This launch is the third CZ-11 (CZ-11H) to be launched from an offshore launch platform off the coast of China. CZ-11 is the first and only all-solid Chang Zheng rocket currently in operation. The rocket was developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT).

Jilin-1 is a series of Earth observation satellites operated by Chang Guang Satellites Technology Corporation. The first four Jilin-1 satellites were launched on a CZ-2D in October 2015. Over 40 Jilin-1 satellites have been successfully launched to orbit. The plan is to launch 138 satellites by 2030.

Reference: Xinhua

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