Arabsat orders Arabsat 7A SDS from Thales Alenia

(30 Apr 2022) Arabsat and Thales Alenia Space have signed a contract to build Arabsat-7A, a fully flexible Software-Defined Satellite (SDS) based on the Space Inspire (INstant SPace In-orbit REconfiguration) platform by Thales Alenia Space.

The Space Inspire platform will enable seamless telecom mission and services reconfiguration of the Arabsat-7A satellite, instant in-orbit adjustment to broadband connectivity demand, and superior video broadcasting performance while maximising the effective use of satellite resources.

Arabsat 7A will join Arabsat 6A and 5A at its data hotspot at 30.5°E. It will replace the bulk of the existing C and Ku-band capacity on Arabsat 5A 5A as this satellite reaches end-of-life to ensure a seamless transition for customers and partners. It will also offer ample high-throughput Ku-band capacity to help Arabsat expand its services into several verticals to enhance its portfolio of products and solutions over Middle East, Africa and beyond, to parts of Europe.

Reference: Thales Alenia Space PR

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