Satellite News Digest, 05 Apr 2022

Fujitsu delivers new technology for mapping and analysing space debris

Fujitsu announced the development and deployment of a new analysis system to calculate orbital courses of space debris for use with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) "Space Situational Awareness System" ("SSA system") for monitoring space debris.

JAXA started operations of the new system at the Tsukuba Space Center on 1 April 2022. JAXA will utilise the new technology to create plans on effective space debris observation, drawing on observation data from radar and optical telescope to calculate the trajectory of space debris and perform comparative analysis with the path of JAXA satellites. In case the system detects space debris approaching satellites, it will support the operators at JAXA in quickly responding to risks and avoid any possible collisions with the space debris by automatically calculating the possibility of a predicted collision and necessary course changes.

Moving forward, Fujitsu aims to further improve the accuracy of its analysis system and develop further technologies for application in space to contribute to the safe and sustainable development of space.

Fujitsu has been supporting JAXA in its efforts to solve this problem since the early 1990s by creating technology for space debris observation that utilises orbit determination technology (the predecessor of the current SSA system) that has also been used with the Hayabusa2 asteroid probe and other important projects.

In the latest milestone of this effort, Fujitsu has developed a practical analysis system for high precision orbit calculations to accurately track pieces of orbiting debris and forecast their movements to prevent collision with artificial satellites.

JAXA's SSA system consists of a radar, an optical telescope, and a Fujitsu-developed analysis system. The analysis system serves as the core of the SSA system, and allows JAXA's system operators to create plans on effective space debris observation, the management of acquired observation data, and the analysis of orbit tracking calculations to support the detection of space debris approaching satellites and avoiding collisions.

Reference: Fujitsu PR


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