Satellite News Digest, 28 Apr 2022

Vyoma partners with Atos Germany to improve satellite safety

Vyoma, a startup aiming to make space safer, has partnered with Atos to help improve the safety of satellites in orbit. The partnership leverages Vyoma's solution for tracking objects in space and Atos' secure data management system to enable satellite operators to more effectively avoid costly collisions and unnecessary manoeuvring.

Vyoma's solutions and services currently give satellite operators access to real-time tracking from a network of ground-based sensors located all across the globe. From next year, the network will be extended with space-based sensors. Vyoma couples these with its atmosphere-calibrated models that can make highly accurate trajectory predictions. Additional tracking data enables satellite operators to better determine when manoeuvres are necessary, ensuring their fleets remain safe and operational while avoiding costly manoeuvres when they are not required.

Atos has been supporting satellite operators for 20 years with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. By using the data management solution provided by Atos, satellite operators can securely receive the accurate and timely space situational awareness data.

Vyoma also wants to lower the threshold of what can be seen down to 1 cm. Even small objects carry a lot of energy and can cause unrepairable damage to satellites in space but cannot currently be tracked. With around one million objects of 1 cm and bigger, this will make a massive difference in ensuring space safety

Reference: Vyoma PR


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