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30 Aug 2006DirecTV 6 no longer geostationary
06 Sep 2005Proton to loft another DirecTV satellite in 2007
23 May 2005Proton M launches DirecTV 8
15 Aug 2004FCC okays repositioning of DirecTV 5
13 Jul 2004ILS Proton to launch DirecTV 8
09 Jan 2004DirecTV to move satellite to Canadian slot
11 Jun 2002Atlas 3 launch I: MBSAT
09 May 2002Does ILS prefer U.S. rockets?
08 May 2002DirecTV 5 (Part II)
07 May 2002DirecTV 5 (Part I)
06 May 2002Delay of the day: DirecTV 5
30 Apr 2002DirecTV 5 pre-launch details
01 Apr 2002Update: Intelsat 903
30 Mar 2002Three Russian launches planned in April 2002
03 Oct 2001Delay II: DirecTV5
01 Oct 2001Confusion rises about U.S. launches from Baikonur
14 Sep 2001Proton launch update
07 Sep 2001Proton launch dates
06 Sep 2001SS/L to build DirecTV-7S
09 Jun 1999Hughes completes Tempo acquisition
30 Apr 1999Hughes completes PrimeStar acquisition
01 Mar 1999EchoStar wants PrimeStar, too
28 Oct 1998Waiting for your taxi which taxi never comes
11 Jun 1998Parking violation in space
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