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Articles in our archive

29 Sep 2017Proton lifts off with AsiaSat 9 (Part II)
25 Sep 2017AsiaSat 9 pre-launch details
30 Aug 2017AsiaSat 9 flown to Baikonur
23 May 2017AsiaSat 9 ready for shipment
16 Dec 2013SSL selected to build high-power, multi-mission satellite AsiaSat 9
29 Nov 2012Sea Launch to provide backup launch services for AsiaSat
22 Jun 2012AsiaSat books reserve launch from ILS
05 Aug 2009AsiaSat 5 pre-launch details
02 Jun 2009EchoStar and AsiaSat to launch DTH venture for Taiwan
03 Jul 2008Foreign satellite firms queue up for HITS launch
19 Jun 2008News in brief
11 Mar 2004Asiasat 2003 results
12 Feb 2004AsiaSat buys satellite control system from Integral
21 Aug 2003Asiasat results 1H 2003
21 Jul 2003MER-1 trajectory corrected
19 May 2003Asiasat utilisation rate drops
12 Apr 2003Third Atlas III launches Asiasat 4
11 Apr 2003Delay I: Atlas IIIB/AsiaSat 4
10 Apr 2003Spacehab to process two NASA payloads
09 Apr 2003Asiasat 4 pre-launch details
14 Mar 2003Asiasat results 2002
10 Mar 2003No frequency co-ordination for AsiaSat 4, iPSTAR yet
18 Feb 2003AsiaSat on track for April launch
20 Jan 2003REACH signs three contracts
20 Dec 2002AsiaSat transponder utilisation slightly down
05 Dec 2002Four Lockheed-built rockets undergoing launch preparations
08 Nov 2002Shin, AsiaSat still have to settle slot dispute
25 Sep 2002AsiaSat 4 completes final test
22 Aug 2002AsiaSat results 1H 2002; fourth satellite on track
10 May 2002Asiasat 4 delay confirmed
09 May 2002Does ILS prefer U.S. rockets?
06 May 2002Boeing wants more tests for Asiasat 4
25 Apr 2002AsiaSat Plans Acquisitions To Keep Ahead
14 Mar 2002Asiasat 2001 results
21 Feb 2002EchoStar 7
20 Feb 2002Business briefs
13 Dec 2001ILS to double launches in 2002
25 Oct 2001Russia plans 14 Proton launches in 2002
24 Aug 2001Asiasat expects \"year of consolidation\"
02 Aug 2001No U.S. satellite exports to China
18 Jul 2001Republican senators want to stop satellite exports to China
20 Nov 2000Baikonur launch manifest 2001
22 Sep 2000AsiaSat 4 on Atlas III
08 Sep 2000AsiaSat gives green light for AsiaSat 4
30 Jun 2000AsiaSat gets Hong Kong BSS channels
22 May 1999New customers for Asiasat 3S
24 Nov 1998AsiaSat orders backup bird
30 Oct 1998Asiasat shareholders talk to \"certain parties\"
07 Jul 1998AsiaSat 4 later than 2000?
27 Dec 1997Will Asiasat 3 return?
26 May 1997CHINA
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