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Articles in our archive

26 Jul 2010Zombiesat approaches next satellite
26 Jul 2010Sea Launch signs agreement with EchoStar
13 Aug 2008NPR, OlympuSAT renew, expand Intelsat contracts
05 Sep 2007Intelsat capacity for RRSat, GlobeCast
19 Jul 2007Soundtrack Channel expands contract with RRSat
31 May 2007RRSat enhances access to North America through Galaxy 23
08 May 2006Sea Launch receives launch contract for EchoStar XI
05 Apr 2005Firestone signs OBN Holdings for satellite Uplink
04 Apr 2005Genesis Networks on IA-7 and IA-13
01 Apr 2005Firestone takes IA-13 transponder
05 May 2004New Skies Satellites results Q1 2004
18 Mar 2004Intelsat buys, renames Loral's North American satellites
11 Nov 2003Telstar 13 operational
19 Aug 2003EchoStar interested in Loral
08 Aug 2003Zenit 3 SL lofts EchoStar IX/Telstar 13
05 Aug 2003Astrotech awarded new contract
05 Aug 2003Sea Launch starts countdown for EchoStar IX/Telstar 13
04 Aug 2003Telstar 13/EchoStar IX pre-launch details
01 Aug 2003EchoStar IX/Telstar 13 on its way to the equator
15 Jul 2003Loral files for chapter 11, sells 6 satellites to Intelsat
07 Apr 2003EchoStar IX to carry international channels
03 Apr 2003MCPC platform on Telstar 7
01 Apr 2003Loral results 2002
20 Mar 2003Zenit 3 SL ready to fly after investigation
12 Mar 2003EchoStar IX/Telstar 13 to lift off in May
04 Mar 2003More EchoStar anomalies
19 Nov 2002EchoStar gets Ka-band license back
31 Jul 2002Loral Space & Communications results 2Q 2002
31 Jul 2002Two flights less for Sea Launch in 2002
04 Jul 2002Telstar 1: 40th anniversary on 10 July 2002
04 Jul 2002FCC: EchoStar's Ka-band payload lacks commitment
02 Jul 2002FCC revokes EchoStar's Ka-band license
14 Feb 2002Loral Space & Communications 4Q 2001 results
15 Jun 2001Loral \"seeding\" Telstar 7 antennas
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