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Recorded names for this satellite (28446)

AMC 15GE 15


Articles in our archive

29 Nov 2017EchoStar 105/SES-11 now operational at 105 degrees West
12 Oct 2017Used Falcon 9 lofts hybrid satellite for EchoStar, SES
20 Sep 2017EchoStar 105/SES-11 shipped to Cape Canaveral
08 Mar 2017Thales and SES select Hughes for aviation connectivity network
28 Oct 2016SES S.A. results 9M 2016
26 Feb 2016SES S.A. results 2015
31 Oct 2015SES S.A. results Q3 2015
24 Jul 2015SES S.A. results H1 2015
30 Apr 2015SES S.A. results Q1 2015
20 Feb 2015SES S.A. results 2014
04 Sep 2014Airbus DS to build EchoStar 105/SES-11
29 Jul 2012SES S.A. results H1 2012
11 May 2012SES S.A. results Q1 2012
17 Feb 2012SES S.A. results 2011
01 Feb 2012First Hughes Jupiter gateway commissioned
11 Nov 2011SES S.A. results Q3 2011
19 Mar 2010SES affiliate receives approval to expand satellite services with EchoStar
10 Aug 2009WildBlue activates third satellite
29 Oct 2007BTV+ announces high definition satellite capability
09 May 2005SES Global SA results Q1 2005
23 Mar 2005Lockheed to build, Arianespace to launch AMC-18
17 Dec 2004Atlas V launches AMC-16
13 Dec 2004AMC 16 pre-launch details
17 Nov 2004AMC-16 satellite arrives at CCAFS
15 Oct 2004Proton-M lofts AMC-15 for SES Americom
11 Oct 2004AMC-15 pre-launch details
12 Sep 2004Delay of the day: AMC-15
05 Sep 2004A2100 satellite fleet achieves 100 years in orbit
18 Aug 2004AMC-15 delivered to Baikonur
09 Jun 2004Lockheed Space & Technology Center delivers AMC-16 propulsion system
12 May 2004AMC-16 shifted from Proton to Atlas V
06 May 2004Update: EchoStar to use AMC-14 through 16
19 Apr 2004ILS to launch three more SES satellites
26 Mar 2004EchoStar provides details about satellite leases
25 Mar 2004EchoStar to take two more Americom birds -- report
15 Mar 2004SES, EchoStar in talks about alliance -- WSJ
17 Feb 2004SES Americom wants reduced orbital spacing for DBS satellites
06 Feb 2004AMC-10 in orbit -- first ILS launch in 2004 successful
05 Jan 2004SES Americom orders AMC-14, report
08 Sep 2003AMC-15 launch date set
13 Aug 2003EchoStar Communications results 2Q 2003
27 Mar 2003EchoStar takes AMC-15 capacity
18 Nov 2002Performance-based insurance for SES Americom
29 Jul 2002SES Americom names key personnel for Americom2Home
18 Jun 2002SES Americom: two launch contracts each for Arianespace, ILS
17 May 2002LMCSS building AMC-15 and 16
12 Nov 2001New names for GE satellites
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