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22 May 2017Hughes JUPITER system selected for 'Digital India'
29 Sep 2015NSR: Satellite operator financials facing significant HTS impact
10 Aug 2015IPSTAR: world's first High Throughput Satellite celebrates 10 years
07 May 2014Thaicom 8 set to launch in 2016
09 Jul 2013SSL celebrates 2,000 satellite years in orbit
08 Jan 2013Thaicom speeds up satellite plan
03 Jan 2013Thaicom, China sign iPSTAR deal
14 Aug 2012Gilat announces major milestone in NBN Interim Satellite Service in Australia
07 May 2012NBN Co eyes 100 GB satellite plans
09 Feb 2012Thaicom plans two more satellites
11 Nov 2011Thaicom PCL results Q3 2011
30 May 2011Measat to market IPSTAR capacity for Malaysia
17 Feb 2011Thaicom posts huge losses
11 Nov 2010Thaicom PCL results Q3 2010
17 Aug 2010Thaicom in broadband deal with India
11 Aug 2010Thaicom banks on iPSTAR to get it back in the black
12 May 2010Thaicom PCL results Q1 2010
11 Nov 2009Thaicom PCL results Q3 2009
14 Aug 2009Higher bandwidth sales help Thaicom break even
13 Aug 2009Thaicom still working on Indian, Chinese markets for IPSTAR
19 Mar 2009Thaicom to extend IPSTAR services to Japan
11 Nov 2008Thaicom PCL results Q3 2008
06 Nov 2008IPSTAR opens its 11th gateway in The Philippines
22 Feb 2008Shin reports 2007 financial results, mulls sixth satellite
09 Jan 2008News in brief
02 Jan 2008News in brief
15 Nov 2007Shin Satellite financial results Q3 2007
21 Sep 2007APSCC unveils the 2007 APSCC awards winners
12 Sep 2007IPSTAR Enters Malaysian Market
14 Aug 2007Shin to launch IPSTAR service in India at year-end
10 Aug 2007Shin Satellite PCL results Q2 2007
14 May 2007Shin Satellite PCL results Q1 2007
04 Jan 2007News in brief
10 Nov 2006Shin Satellite PCL results Q3 2006
11 Aug 2006ShinSat set for take-off
10 Aug 2006Shin Satellite PCL results Q2 2006
23 Jun 2006iPSTAR sets sights on HDTV
24 May 2006Satmex 6, Thaicom 5 pre-launch details
10 May 2006Shin Satellite PCL results Q1 2006
25 Apr 2006Shin Satellite in iPSTAR deal with China Satcom
07 Apr 2006Shin sells more iPSTAR terminals
27 Feb 2006Shin Satellite PCL results 2005
16 Feb 2006Wimems to supply phased-array antennas for iPSTAR terminals
14 Feb 2006NSR: satellite broadband enters 'new era'
25 Jan 2006Shin sale draws more flak
23 Jan 2006Temasek acquires stake in Shin Corp
22 Dec 2005TOT to provide iPSTAR services in Thailand
22 Dec 2005iPSTAR Li-ion batteries work, says MELCO
21 Nov 2005ViaSat to buy Efficient Channel Coding
14 Nov 2005Precise launch prolongs iPSTAR life
11 Nov 2005Shin Satellite PCL results Q3 2005
10 Nov 2005First iPSTAR gateway in Vietnam
26 Oct 2005iPSTAR to become operational later than planned
26 Sep 2005High-speed net nearly ready
26 Sep 2005Remote areas to get broadband via satellite
07 Sep 2005Ariane 5 to launch Thaicom 5
16 Aug 2005Delay of the day I: MSG-2
15 Aug 2005Internet gets a place in space
11 Aug 2005First Ariane 5GS launches iPSTAR
09 Aug 2005iPSTAR pre-launch details
08 Aug 2005Shin Satellite PCL results Q2 2005
04 Aug 2005Arianespace still plans four launches in 2005
25 Jul 2005Arianespace sets new iPSTAR launch date
19 Jul 2005Delay of the day: iPSTAR
14 Jul 2005Thai satellite offers multitude of internet possibilities
06 Jul 2005Delay of the day I: iPSTAR
04 Jul 2005Delay of the day: iPSTAR
01 Jul 2005Shin reorders Thaicom satellite from Alcatel
28 Jun 2005Shin Satellite board approves Thaicom 5 financing
27 Jun 2005INSAT-4A and MSG-2 in August or September
15 Jun 2005iPSTAR finally counts down for full service
14 Jun 2005Arianespace celebrates 25th anniversary
14 Jun 2005Shin Satellite to use ip.access
13 Jun 2005Hopes high for low-cost satellite
10 Jun 2005SS/L delivers iPSTAR to Kourou
07 Jun 2005Update: Spaceway 2, Telkom 2 delayed; iPSTAR earlier
06 Jun 2005Spaceway 2, Telkom 2 delayed; iPSTAR earlier
01 Jun 2005Spaceway 2, Telkom 2 to launch on 25 June
26 May 2005Shin announces tentative launch date for iPSTAR
16 May 2005Shin delays iPSTAR loan repayment
14 May 2005iPSTAR is (finally) ready -- launch in June?
09 Mar 2005ITI books iPSTAR capacity
18 Feb 2005Shin Satellite delays iPSTAR launch again
25 Jan 2005NSR predicts steady growth in satellite broadband services
07 Jan 2005iPSTAR completes CATR test
30 Nov 2004Shin Satellite signs IPSTAR contract with VTI
10 Oct 2004iPSTAR completes mechanical tests
09 Sep 2004Twinkle, twinkle, little Ipstar
09 Aug 2004iPSTAR delayed again
13 Jul 2004Firm Says Establishment of Telecommunications Regulator Will Expand Options
06 Jul 2004iPSTAR probably delayed again
28 Jun 2004Plasma thruster aboard MBSAT work fine, ISTI says
13 Apr 2004Shin says ipstar is on track
24 Feb 2004Shin Satellite to raise capital for expansion into China, India
19 Feb 2004ipstar in India
29 Jan 2004Telstra to build two iPSTAR Earth stations
13 Jan 2004Shin Sat shifts iPSTAR's focus
20 Nov 2003Eight-year tax break for Shin Satellite's iPSTAR
20 Nov 2003China, Thailand settle dispute over satellite slots
10 Nov 2003Shin Satellite results 3Q 2003
22 Oct 2003Three iPSTAR spot beams for New Zealand
15 Jul 2003Thai satellite firm pitching for Aussie broadband market
08 Jul 2003Arianespace to purge order book, reports
19 Jun 2003Shin expects one quarter of revenues from iPSTAR
13 May 2003Shin Satellite results 1Q 2003
16 Apr 2003SS/L completes iPSTAR-1 static loads testing
10 Mar 2003No frequency co-ordination for AsiaSat 4, iPSTAR yet
10 Jan 2003Update: DOS extends Thaicom contract
07 Jan 2003Nera gateways for Shin's iPSTAR
31 Dec 2002Whatever happened to... ?
13 Dec 2002iPSTAR to stay on Ariane
03 Dec 2002Shin to install 18 iPSTAR gateways
08 Nov 2002Shin, AsiaSat still have to settle slot dispute
07 Nov 2002Shin finally signs loan agreements
08 Oct 2002Shin Satellite board of director approves iPSTAR loan
02 Oct 2002Shin offers rivals iPSTAR customers
26 Sep 2002Shin to sign loan agreement
06 Sep 2002Shin Satellite has paid for Thaicom-4
19 Aug 2002DOS renews contract for Thaicom-3 transponders
09 Aug 2002Shin Satellite results 1H 2002
01 Aug 2002Andrew wins contract for iPSTAR satellite network
04 Jul 2002iPSTAR expects rise in revenues
21 Jun 2002Asian ISPs eye 40G bps satellite
21 Jun 2002Sattel aims high with iPSTAR launch
28 May 2002Shin Satellite takes bold step in dealing with Myanmar
21 May 2002Update: Ariane launches
20 May 2002Shin Satellite in Myanmar, India
17 May 2002Update: Three firm contracts for Arianespace
14 May 2002Three firm contracts for Arianespace
26 Apr 2002Shin Satellite signs 5 deals for iPSTAR broadband service
18 Apr 2002Coface provides credit funding for Shin's iPSTAR
12 Apr 2002iPSTAR on Ariane 5
20 Mar 2002Agrani 2 sold, set for launch at the end of 2003
07 Mar 2002One third of iPSTAR capacity booked
05 Mar 2002Shin Satellite get loan for iPSTAR
04 Feb 2002Alcatel receives Agrani 2 export license
28 Nov 2001Shin Satellite to offer business broadband in Thailand
07 Nov 2001Sattel sees iPSTAR as bridge across digital chasm
15 Oct 2001Arianespace reportedly interested in Agrani
15 Oct 2001iPSTAR: delay in financing but launch date holds
27 Aug 2001Thaksin wants compromise with China on 120 degrees East
24 Aug 2001Indian customer for Shin's iPSTAR project
22 Jun 2001Shin Satellite launches iPSTAR service in Singapore
16 May 2001Shin successfully demonstrates iPSTAR system
03 Apr 2001Outdoor Unit contracts for Channel Master
09 Mar 2001iPSTAR in Malaysia
09 Mar 2001Thaicom 4 becomes Agrani 2
20 Nov 2000More Internet-only satellites planned
29 Aug 2000iPSTAR to use NettGain
03 Aug 2000Loral to build iPSTAR 1
28 Jul 2000Shin orders first iPSTAR terminals
27 Jul 2000Loral won iPSTAR contract, reports
16 Jun 2000Nera to supply gateway technology for iPSTAR
26 May 2000Thaisat C-band capacity fully booked, new satellite planned
12 Mar 1998Thaicom operator optimistic
09 Dec 1997Thaicom 4 delayed a few years
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