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Articles in our archive

30 Oct 2017SSL to build, Arianespace to launch Star One D2
10 Sep 2013Arianespace: new launch contracts
04 Jun 2008Star One C2 operational in orbit
22 Jan 2008Thales Alenia Space sums up 2007 developments
15 Nov 2007Ariane 5 ECA launches British and Brazilian satellites
14 Nov 2007Launch updates
12 Nov 2007Delays of the day: Ariane 5ECA, Zenit 3SL
09 Nov 2007Delays of the day
07 Nov 2007Skynet 5B/Star One C1 pre-launch details
04 Oct 2007Star One C1 arrives at Kourou
14 Jun 2005Anik E2 saves Venezuelan slot
07 Dec 2004Embratel to order second Star One, report
02 Dec 2004Thales named prime for Syracuse ground segment
14 Jul 2004Andesat puts plans for own satellite on ice
17 Jun 2003Alcatel to build Star One C1
24 May 2002Alcatel confirms STAR ONE C1 contract
22 May 2002Simon Bolivar details
21 May 2002Update: Ariane launches
20 May 2002Satellite news in brief
17 May 2002Update: Three firm contracts for Arianespace
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