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Articles in our archive

20 Jun 2016TAS to supply payloads for Ekspress-80 and Ekspress-103
05 Feb 2015Express-AM33 fully operational again
16 Nov 2012RSCC buys insurance for core seven Ekspress-series satellites
12 Oct 2011RSCC announces insurance tender
22 Sep 2010TAS to build payloads for Ekspress AM8, AT1 and AT2
29 Jul 2009ProtoStar crashes to bankruptcy over slot row
19 Jan 2009Thales Alenia Space: From 'exceptional' to 'solid' in two years
23 Sep 2008ProtoStar I troubles may have deepened
22 Jul 2008Whose satellite is this anyway?
04 Jun 2008Newtec improves efficiency level of Russian satellites
21 May 2008Update: Two Ekspress payloads arrive in Russia
15 Apr 2008Ekspress-AM33 takes up service
29 Jan 2008Update: Proton M launches new Ekspress satellite
28 Jan 2008Proton M launches new Ekspress satellite
14 Jan 2008Thor 5 arrives at Baikonur
04 Jan 2008Russian satellite launch manifest 2008
28 Dec 2007Ekspress-AM33 to lift off at the end of January
20 Dec 2007Ekspress-AM33 completes UHF tests while AM44 shrinks
26 Nov 2007Electrical testing of Ekspress-AM33 has begun
05 Apr 2007Five Ekspress launches planned over next two years
09 Oct 2006RSCC to launch three broadcasting satellites next year
19 Sep 2004Alcatel to provide two more Ekspress payloads
19 May 2004RSCC to continue modernising satellite fleet
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