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27 Nov 2009Proton to launch DirecTV 12 at the end of December
21 Jul 2008Boeing hands over new satellite to DirecTV
20 Mar 2008Zenit 3SL launches high-power Ka-band satellite for DirecTV
19 Mar 2008DirecTV 11 launch rescheduled
17 Mar 2008Delay of the day: DirecTV 11
06 Mar 2008Sea Launch prepares for the launch of DirecTV 11
29 Jan 2008Boeing delivers DirecTV 11 to Sea Launch Home Port
17 Sep 2007In-orbit testing reveals problem with DirecTV spot-beams
07 Jul 2007Modified Proton M/Briz M launches DirecTV 10
09 Feb 2007New DirecTV satellites likely delayed
19 Apr 2006Spaceway F2 declared operational after in-orbit testing
06 Sep 2005Proton to loft another DirecTV satellite in 2007
26 Apr 2005Spaceway F1 sea-launched by Zenit 3SL
23 Mar 2005EMS RF control hardware for DirecTV satellites
15 Feb 2005DirecTV to use Tandberg MPEG-4 AVC technology
06 Jan 2005First live MPEG-4 AVC HD transmission via satellite
15 Sep 2004Com DEV gets ATP for DirecTV sat components
09 Sep 2004Boeing to build three satellites for DirecTV
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