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11 Jun 2015MSG-4 and Star One C4 make initial contact with Ariane 5
19 Jan 2009Thales Alenia Space: From 'exceptional' to 'solid' in two years
04 Jun 2008Star One C2 operational in orbit
03 Jun 2008Arianespace confirms longer launch delay after software glitch
30 Apr 2008Preparations for launch of Skynet 5C and Turksat 3A
19 Apr 2008Update: Ariane 5 lofts satellites for Brazil, Vietnam
18 Apr 2008Ariane 5 lofts satellites for Brazil, Vietnam
16 Apr 2008Star One C2, Vinasat 1 pre-launch details
11 Mar 2008Vinasat-1 arrives at Kourou
07 Mar 2008Vinasat shipped... just in time?
07 Mar 2008Successful review for Jules Verne ATV launcher
03 Mar 2008Update: Turksat 3A, Star One C2 shipped to Kourou
29 Feb 2008Turksat 3A, Star One C2 shipped to Kourou
14 Feb 2008Delays of the day: Vinasat, Razaksat
15 Nov 2007Ariane 5 ECA launches British and Brazilian satellites
07 Nov 2007Skynet 5B/Star One C1 pre-launch details
04 Oct 2007Star One C1 arrives at Kourou
04 Jul 2005Erratum: Shin reorders Thaicom satellite from Alcatel
01 Jul 2005Shin reorders Thaicom satellite from Alcatel
14 Jun 2005Anik E2 saves Venezuelan slot
26 Jan 2005Alcatel to build Star One C2
07 Dec 2004Embratel to order second Star One, report
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