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09 Nov 2011Eutelsat's W3C satellite in full commercial service
07 Oct 2011CGWIC launches satellite for Eutelsat
06 Dec 2010Eutelsat capacity for terrestrial TV in Reunion Island and Mayotte
29 Oct 2010Leak renders Eutelsat's just-launched W3B a total loss
12 Oct 2010Chances of malware attacking INSAT-4B 'appear remote'
04 Oct 2010Eutelsat W3B flown to Kourou
09 Jul 2010INSAT-4B affected by solar panel problem
29 Jan 2010Replacement satellites for W2 have arrived at 16 degrees East
28 Jan 2010Eutelsat W2 in safe mode; two replacement satellites en route
21 Dec 2009BBC says its Persian channel is being jammed
27 Aug 2009Russian VSAT operators want to use Intelsat 15
25 May 2009Avanti to study new satellite broadband system for the UK
15 May 2009Berretta on W2A anomaly, W2M failure
12 Mar 2009Eutelsat orders W3C from Thales Alenia Space
25 Feb 2009Eutelsat books Chang Zheng launch -- WSJ
02 Feb 2009Update: Indo-European satellite fails after in-orbit testing
28 Jan 2009Indo-European satellite fails after in-orbit testing
16 Jan 2009BHEL manufactured solar panels in ISRO satellite
21 Dec 2008Last Ariane launch of 2008 successful
19 Dec 2008ISRO makes 'good profit' with W2M
16 Dec 2008Eutelsat Hot Bird 9, W2M pre-launch details
11 Dec 2008Integration of Hotbird 9 is completed for next Ariane 5 mission
08 Dec 2008Update: Next Ariane 5 launch rescheduled
05 Dec 2008Next Ariane 5 launch rescheduled
28 Nov 2008Launch updates
19 Nov 2008Preparations for last Ariane launch in 2008 have started
04 Nov 2008Eutelsat revenues Q1 FY 2008-2009
28 Oct 2008Arianespace receives sixth Ariane 5 for launch in 2008
22 Oct 2008Arianespace to launch Rascom-QAF 1R
10 Oct 2008Orbital says NSS 9 is ready
06 Oct 2008Surprising change of Ariane 5 launch manifest
30 Sep 2008Astrium to use India's PSLV for satellite launches
15 Sep 2008Serbia Broadband takes capacity on Eutelsat W2
26 Feb 2008Eutelsat awards W3B to Thales Alenia Space
08 Jan 2007Arianespace 'once again' breaks even
05 Sep 2006Eutelsat orders two Sea Launches
01 Sep 2006ISRO happy with EADS co-operation
18 May 2006Arianespace to launch W2M for Eutelsat
18 Apr 2006ISRO hopes for two more satellite contracts
17 Feb 2006Eutelsat Communications results 1H FY2005/2006
03 Feb 2006Update: Eutelsat orders satellite from EADS Astrium/ISRO
01 Feb 2006Eutelsat orders satellite from EADS Astrium/ISRO
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