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Articles in our archive

14 Apr 2019Video: Intelsat 29e damaged in high-energy event
03 Nov 2016China launches its most powerful rocket for the first time
04 Dec 2013Update: SpaceX's Falcon 9 lofts its first geostationary satellite
02 Dec 2013New launch date for SES-8
28 Mar 2013USAF selects SSL to study polar orbiting weather satellite system
09 Dec 2010Cisco updates space router, debuts first VoIP call from space
20 Jul 2010Internet Routing in Space successfully tested in orbit
15 Jul 2010Astrium and Cisco to explore space-based Internet Protocol (IP) routing
28 Apr 2010SEAKR's Application Independent Processor passes in-orbit tests
16 Mar 2010News in brief
09 Mar 2010Intelsat S.A. results 2009
19 Jan 2010Cisco's space router successfully operates in orbit
02 Dec 2009Intelsat-23 update: Boeing or Orbital?
23 Nov 2009Atlas V lofts Intelsat-14
18 Nov 2009New launch date for Intelsat-14
14 Nov 2009Intelsat-14 launch delayed
10 Nov 2009Gilat Satcom, MYtv book Intelsat capacity
10 Nov 2009Intelsat-14 launch date set
09 Nov 2009Intelsat, Ltd. results Q3 2009
29 Oct 2009STS-129 launch date set
18 Oct 2009Atlas V launches latest U.S. military weather satellite
30 Sep 2009Intelsat 14 arrives at the Cape
30 Jun 2009TerreStar-1 pre-launch details
18 Jun 2009Intelsat orders two more satellites from SS/L
11 Jun 2009Intelsat reveals some details on planned satellites
16 Dec 2008Eutelsat Hot Bird 9, W2M pre-launch details
21 Nov 2008Sea Launch partners with Intelsat on multi-launch agreement
16 Oct 2008Launch updates
07 Aug 2008Do The Bump! - The Sequel
08 Nov 2007Loral Space & Communications Inc. results Q3 2007
11 Sep 2007Delay of the day: Kaguya
16 Jul 2007Spaceway 3 completes trip to Kourou
08 May 2007Loral Space & Communications Inc. results Q1 2007
11 Apr 2007Intelsat to test Internet routing in space for the U.S. military
30 Mar 2007Intelsat 11, Horizons 2 moved to Ariane 5
19 Jan 2007Intelsat orders IS-14 from Loral
09 Aug 2005iPSTAR pre-launch details
13 Nov 2003Nozomi on collision course to Mars -- one month to impact, report
07 Nov 2002South Korea to launch first liquid fuel rocket
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