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15 Nov 2010Proton M launches SkyTerra 1
10 Nov 2010SkyTerra 1 pre-launch details
02 Nov 2010SkyTerra 1 mated to Briz M upper stage
22 Oct 2010SkyTerra 1 launch campaign has started
24 May 2009SkyTerra exercises option for second Proton launch
03 Nov 2008Telesat to control MSV's new satellites
08 Jul 2008MSV and Boeing amend satellite system procurement contract
21 Jan 2008MSV plans extension of current generation satellite services
08 Jan 2008Seventeen orders for ILS in 2007
28 Nov 2007Mobile Satellite Ventures allowed to scrap ground spare
14 Aug 2007FCC says MSV has met physical construction milestone
11 Jan 2006MSV orders three geo-mobile satellites from Boeing
27 Jun 2005Mobile Satellite Ventures to order three satellites
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