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10 Sep 2012HYLAS 2 successfully completes in-orbit testing
01 Aug 2012Intelsat 20/HYLAS 2 pre-launch details
20 Jul 2012HYLAS 2/Intelsat 20 launch preparations on track
12 Jul 2012Avanti Communications Group trading update FY 2012
12 Jul 2012Second EDRS satellite to host Hylas-3 payload
27 Jun 2012HYLAS 2 launch confirmed for 2 August 2012
01 May 2012Upcoming commercial PSLV launches
28 Feb 2012C-COM completes successful testing of mobile Ka-band antenna for HYLAS
06 Feb 2012Placing of £75m to fund Avanti's proposed HYLAS 3 project
23 Jan 2012Avanti sells Hylas 1 capacity to QSAT
06 Oct 2011Avanti ramps up satellite projects
03 Aug 2011Hughes takes new HYLAS 1 capacity
18 Apr 2011SpaceX has to pay back launch contract deposit to Avanti
15 Mar 2011HYLAS 1 tests complete
15 Dec 2010HYLAS 1 to live longer than expected thanks to precise launch
01 Dec 2010HYLAS 1 reaches geostationary orbit
29 Nov 2010Intelsat 17, HYLAS 1 reportedly healthy after launch
26 Nov 2010Ariane 5 launches Intelsat 17 and HYLAS 1
25 Nov 2010Ariane 5 cleared for launch of IS-17, HYLAS 1
22 Nov 2010Intelsat 17, HYLAS 1 pre-launch details
12 Nov 2010Rocket components for Arianespace's final 2010 launch arrived
26 Oct 2010Intelsat 17 shipped to Kourou
18 Oct 2010Launch date set for HYLAS 1, Intelsat 17
30 Sep 2010Hylas-1 to start trip to Kourou early October
20 Sep 2010A Herculean effort to deliver broadband by satellite
08 Sep 2010Astrium Services to use HYLAS 1 as Ka-band test-bed
07 Sep 2010HYLAS 1 moved to Ariane 5; first Soyuz launch from Kourou delayed again
13 Jul 2010Avanti raises funds for new satellite
13 Jul 2010Launch of HYLAS 1 may slip
28 May 2010HYLAS 1 successfully completes thermal vacuum testing
14 May 2010First Soyuz launch from Kourou likely in December - Roskosmos
13 May 2010Soyuz delay could move HYLAS 1 to Ariane 5
11 May 2010First Soyuz to launch from French Guiana in Q4 2010
27 Apr 2010Hughes and Avanti expand Ka-band satellite services footprint
19 Apr 2010First Soyuz launch from French Guiana expected in September
31 Mar 2010Dates set for next launches of Indian rockets
19 Mar 2010Orbital selects EMS Technologies to supply Redundant LNA Assemblies
05 Jan 2010Launches with ESA participation in 2010
21 Dec 2009Orbital to build, Arianespace to launch Avanti's HYLAS-2
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