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26 Apr 2017Arianespace missions scheduled for May and June
09 Feb 2017ViaSat: Betting big on satellite broadband with upcoming launch
13 Mar 2015Ex-Im Bank financing secured for ViaSat-2
12 Jan 2015ViaSat-2 to be launched aboard Falcon 9 Heavy
04 Nov 2014Boeing completes testing on new anti-jamming technology
22 Sep 2014New terminal enables in-flight Ku-/Ka- band network switching
01 Jul 2014ViaSat and Eutelsat link high-capacity Ka-band satellite networks
02 May 2014Xplornet takes Canadian capacity on ViaSat-2
25 Apr 2014ViaSat awarded US$283 million in damages
13 Jan 2014Boeing transmits protected government signal through military satellite
17 Dec 2013NSR foresees 2013/2014 as an inflection point in broadband satellite markets
19 Sep 2013Boeing sends protected government signal through commercial satellite
06 Sep 2013Additional lawsuit against Space Systems/Loral for patent infringement
09 Jul 2013SSL celebrates 2,000 satellite years in orbit
17 May 2013ViaSat-2 ordered from Boeing
06 Mar 2013ViaSat sets Guinness World Records title for the highest capacity satellite
21 Feb 2013Telesat Holdings Inc. results 2012
07 Feb 2013ViaSat Inc. results Q3 FY 2013
19 Nov 2012ViaSat-1 and Exede service win 2012 Popular Science Best of What's New Award
07 Nov 2012ViaSat Inc. results Q2 FY 2013
01 Nov 2012Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q3 2012
23 May 2012ViaSat Inc. results FY2012
27 Apr 2012Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q1 2012
21 Feb 2012ViaSat brings lawsuit against Loral for patent infringement, breach of contract
16 Feb 2012SSPI innovation award for Eutelsat, ViaSat
14 Feb 2012ViaSat-1 begins commercial service
07 Dec 2011ViaSat-1 successfully communicating with WildBlue network gateway
08 Nov 2011ViaSat Inc. results Q2 FY 2012
03 Nov 2011ViaSat-1 satellite reaches geosynchronous orbit
20 Oct 2011Update: Proton/Briz M lifts off with ViaSat 1
19 Oct 2011Proton/Briz M lifts off with ViaSat 1
17 Oct 2011ViaSat-1 pre-launch details
06 Oct 2011ViaSat-1 launch scheduled for 19 October
15 Sep 2011ViaSat-1 arrives at Baikonur
09 Sep 2011Busy Baikonur launch schedule expected in September/October
22 Aug 2011No word on Ekspress AM4; Proton launch delays loom
19 Aug 2011Ekspress AM4 apparently found after botched launch
21 Jul 2011ViaSat-1 ready to ship with launch set for September
10 May 2011Loral Space & Communications Inc. results Q1 2011
15 Mar 2011Loral Space & Communications Inc. results 2010
03 Mar 2011Telesat buys ViaSat-1's Canadian payload
14 Jan 2011ViaSat-1 damaged during construction, launch delayed
10 Aug 2010Loral Space & Communications Inc. results Q2 2010
04 Jun 2010Barrett Xplore takes all Loral capacity on Viasat-1
10 May 2010Loral Space & Communications Inc. results Q1 2010
12 Mar 2010Loral Space & Communications Inc. results 2009
08 Jan 2010Update: Xplore to lease Loral's ViaSat-1 capacity
07 Jan 2010Xplore to lease Loral's ViaSat-1 capacity
23 Dec 2009Tom Moore Named President of WildBlue
15 Dec 2009ViaSat Completes Acquisition of WildBlue Communications
01 Oct 2009ViaSat to buy WildBlue
15 Jun 2009ILS boasts of new contracts
21 May 2009Arianespace, ViaSat renegotiate launch contract
03 Apr 2009Proton M lifts off with Eutelsat's W2A (part I)
31 Mar 2009ViaSat awarded broadband gateway contract for Eutelsat's KA-SAT
20 Mar 2009Proton sales month?
12 Mar 2009Switch to Proton saves US$20 million, ViaSat says
11 Mar 2009ILS to launch ViaSat-1 in first half 2011
18 Dec 2008MDA to provide components for ViaSat-1
05 Dec 2008Arianespace to launch ViaSat-1
09 Sep 2008TAS building a new satellite constellation for O3b Networks
08 Sep 2008ViaSat awarded infrastructure contract for Eutelsat Ka-band satellite
13 May 2008ViaSat Inc. results FY 2008
08 Feb 2008ViaSat selects Tom Moore to lead Ka-band broadband venture
07 Jan 2008Eutelsat, ViaSat order broadband Ka-band satellites
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