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06 Sep 2015GSAT-6 arrives at 83 degrees East
06 May 2015Green light for new GSATs
03 Jan 2014GAGAN system certified for RNP0.1 operations
03 Oct 2012GSAT-10 satellite placed in geosynchronous orbit
02 Oct 2012GSAT-10 is a success but ISRO needs to advance its Launch Capabilities
28 Sep 2012Astra 2F, GSAT-10 launched by Ariane 5
27 Sep 2012Ariane 5 mission with Astra 2F and GSAT-10 gets the green light
25 Sep 2012Astra 2F/GSAT-10 pre-launch details
24 Sep 2012Astra 2F/GSAT-10 pre-launch details
21 Sep 2012New launch date for Arianespace Flight VA209/Astra 2F - GSAT-10
17 Sep 2012Delay of the day: Ariane 5 ECA - Astra 2F - GSAT-10
24 Aug 2012Ariane 5s are on the move for upcoming missions; Fregat to be fuelled
03 Aug 2012India to launch five more satellites in 2012
02 Aug 2012Arianespace celebrates 50th launch success in a row
19 Jan 2012Delay of the day: RISAT
05 Jan 2011ISRO to launch two or three communication satellites in 2011
05 Dec 2010ISRO orders Ariane launches; renews contract with Astrium
05 Aug 2010Arianespace to launch GSAT 10, Intelsat 20
04 Aug 2010Arianespace launches two satellites for Africa, announces new contracts
06 Aug 2009GSAT-10 gets the green light
24 Jul 2009GSAT-11 approved
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