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Articles in our archive

04 Jan 2018Nepal's DTH Dish Media Networks adds to capacity on Amos-4
08 May 2017Dish Media Networks further upgrades capacity on Amos-4
03 Mar 2016Nepal's DTH Dish Media Networks upgrades capacity on Amos-4
02 Sep 2013Zenit returns to flight with Amos-4 launch
09 May 2013Zenit to return to flight in September with launch from Baikonur
20 Mar 2013Amos-4 to be launched by SIS aboard Zenit-3SLB
10 Sep 2012Amos-4 scheduled for launch in 2013
07 Nov 2011Amos-5 delivered to spaceport
19 Jan 2009Thales Alenia Space: From 'exceptional' to 'solid' in two years
20 Nov 2008Thales Alenia Space to provide Amos 4 ground mission segment
09 Sep 2008Thales Alenia Space to provide comms payload for Amos-5
11 Aug 2008Spacecom orders Amos 5 from JSC ISS -- report
07 Jul 2008Thales Alenia Space to supply RF assemblies for Amos-4
09 Jul 2007IAI to build Amos-4
05 May 2004PrimaCom starts Amos-2 transmissions
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