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13 Jul 2015Ekspress-AM6 replaces Ekspress-AM22
15 Jun 2015More Saft batteries for Reshetnev satellites
22 Apr 2015Ekspress-AM6 operational
12 Mar 2015Ekspress-AM6 starts testing
09 Feb 2015New development for satellite orbit control subsystem
28 Oct 2014Ekspress-AM6 scheduled to be commissioned in July 2015
27 Oct 2014Update: Latest Proton launch only partially successful
23 Oct 2014Latest Proton launch only partially successful?
22 Oct 2014Update: Proton lifts off with Ekspress-AM6 on board
21 Oct 2014Proton lifts off with Ekspress-AM6 on board
09 Oct 2014Ekspress-AM6 to be launched on 21 October
19 Aug 2014Number of Ka-band satellite Internet subscribers in Russia exceeds 5,000
28 May 2014Ekspress-AM6 satellite shipped to launch site
16 Nov 2012Ekspress-AM6 repeater system delivered to ISS-Reshetnev
19 Oct 2012ISS-Reshetnev plans to launch five satellites next year
01 Mar 2012ISS-Reshetnev and MDA sign co-operation agreement
22 Sep 2011RSCC has six satellites in the pipeline
23 Jun 2010ISS Reshetnev, Saft sign Li-ion battery frame contract
04 Feb 2010Two new Russian contracts for MDA
23 Nov 2009Update: MDA to provide components for two new Ekspress satellites
20 Nov 2009MDA to provide components for two new Ekspress satellites
04 Nov 2009Construction of two new Ekspress satellites has begun
28 Aug 2009Contract signed for Ekspress-AM5 and AM6
14 Aug 2009RSCC plans new Ekspress spacecraft
20 May 2009RSCC confirms ISS Reshetnev wins Ekspress AM5/AM6 tender
19 May 2009RSCC orders two more Ekspress satellites
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