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Articles in our archive

25 Aug 2016Intelsat 36 performing post-launch manoeuvres according to plan
24 Aug 2016Ariane 5 launches two Intelsats
22 Aug 2016Green light given for next Ariane 5 flight
18 Aug 2016Intelsat 33e, Intelsat 36 pre-launch details
11 Aug 2016Intelsat launch preparations continue
04 Aug 2016Preparations for dual Intelsat launch
26 Jul 2016Intelsat 36 comes to Kourou
22 Jul 2016Intelsat 33e shipped to Kourou
21 Jun 2016Superbird 8 damage causes Ariane launch manifest reshuffle
08 Sep 2014Ariane announces four new satellite launch contracts
05 Aug 2014SSL selected to provide Intelsat 36 satellite
11 Jun 2014New Intelsat for MultiChoice
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