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04 Apr 2011AsiaSat launches new DVB-S2 C-band distribution platform
24 Mar 2011Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited results 2010
10 Aug 2010Amos 5i running out of fuel earlier than expected
09 Jun 2010atrexx launches triple service on Amos-5i
31 May 2010South Africa's Q-Kon selects Amos-5 and Amos-5i
26 Mar 2010Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited results 2009
28 Jan 2010Spacecom takes over AsiaSat 2
11 Jan 2010Spacecom raises money for Amos interim satellite
24 Nov 2009Spacecom sells African capacity on gapfiller satellite
12 Aug 2009Proton M lifts off with AsiaSat 5 (part II)
05 Aug 2009AsiaSat 5 pre-launch details
10 Jul 2009Space Systems/Loral delivers AsiaSat 5 to Baikonur Cosmodrome
15 Jun 2009ILS boasts of new contracts
06 May 2009SS/L to build backup for AsiaSat 5
23 Feb 2009Continued Land Launch delays force Asiasat 5 switch to ILS
14 Aug 2008AsiaSat 5 completes reference performance testing
28 Jul 2008Eutelsat: 'no prejudice against NTDTV'
22 Jul 2008Whose satellite is this anyway?
16 Jul 2008Another LM-7000 falls silent
30 Jun 2008Eurovision takes AsiaSat capacity for Olympic HDTV
12 Mar 2008Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited results 2007
24 Aug 2007Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Ltd. results H1 2007
27 Jun 2007AsiaSat and Indiasign to jointly launch MCPC platform on AsiaSat 2
06 Mar 2007Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Ltd. results 2006
20 Dec 2006Afghan channel leases AsiaSat 2 capacity
22 Sep 2006Intelsat 802 suffers 'unexpected anomaly'
04 Sep 2006Arabsat/ASBU bouquet, RTB join AsiaSat 2
10 May 2006AsiaSat books Land Launch
03 May 2006SS/L to build Asiasat 5
09 Nov 2005IS-804 most likely zapped by electrostatic discharge
11 Aug 2005IS-804 failure likely related to satellite design
11 Oct 2004AsiaSat, Satlink launch new digital platform on AsiaSat 2
11 Mar 2004Asiasat reports first service interruption in company history
12 Feb 2004AsiaSat buys satellite control system from Integral
21 Aug 2003Asiasat results 1H 2003
20 Jan 2003REACH signs three contracts
22 Aug 2002AsiaSat results 1H 2002; fourth satellite on track
09 Apr 2002UAE Radio & TV on AsiaSat-2
14 Mar 2002Asiasat 2001 results
21 Dec 200118 MHz on Asiasat 2 for Satlink through GlobeCast
05 Dec 2001More EBU capacity on Asiasat 2
05 Sep 2001EBU transponders on PAS-9, Eutelsat W1
24 Aug 2001Asiasat expects \"year of consolidation\"
07 Feb 2001Loral Cyberstar opens Asian NOC
22 Sep 2000AsiaSat 4 on Atlas III
08 Sep 2000AsiaSat gives green light for AsiaSat 4
22 Oct 1999EBU leases AsiaSat 2 capacity
03 May 1999No music please
30 Jan 1998ZakNet brings Internet to the Philippines
10 Sep 1997Kuwait to offer global satellite Internet access
07 Aug 1997Digital high-speed
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