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26 Nov 2011ILS Proton successfully launches the AsiaSat 7 satellite for AsiaSat
21 Nov 2011AsiaSat 7 to launch on 25 November
24 Oct 2011SS/L delivers AsiaSat 7 to launch site
05 Oct 2010AsiaSat 7 to fly on ILS Proton
26 Mar 2010Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited results 2009
05 Aug 2009AsiaSat 5 pre-launch details
23 Dec 2008News in brief
17 Jun 2008News in brief
31 Oct 2007New MCPC platform on AsiaSat 3S
04 Sep 2006Arabsat/ASBU bouquet, RTB join AsiaSat 2
16 Mar 2005AsiaSat 3S jammed again
22 Nov 2004Falun Gong accused of 'hacking' AsiaSat 3S
19 Oct 2004Telstra chooses AsiaSat for satellite capacity
12 Feb 2004AsiaSat buys satellite control system from Integral
21 Aug 2003Asiasat results 1H 2003
04 Aug 2003Channel NewsAsia switches to AsiaSat
22 Aug 2002AsiaSat results 1H 2002; fourth satellite on track
22 May 2002Asiasat increases stake in SpeedCast
14 Mar 2002Asiasat 2001 results
05 Oct 2001SpeedCast extends reach in Asia, MidEast
24 Aug 2001Asiasat expects \"year of consolidation\"
31 Jul 2001China to concentrate foreign channels
06 Jul 2001SpeedCast to bring Hong Kong Internet access on Asiasat 3S
29 Jun 2001Telstra takes up AsiaSat capacity
02 Oct 2000HDTV channel on Asiasat 3S
22 Sep 2000AsiaSat 4 on Atlas III
08 Sep 2000AsiaSat gives green light for AsiaSat 4
15 May 2000Ekushey leases Asiasat C-band capacity
22 Jan 2000Sahara TV on Asiasat 3S
06 Sep 1999AsiaSat and Satelindo sign mutual backup support agreement
22 May 1999New customers for Asiasat 3S
12 May 1999Asiasat 3S operational
23 Mar 1999Asiasat faces revenue loss despite new bird
22 Mar 1999AsiaSat-3S
16 Mar 1999Hughes announces Asiasat 3S launch date
12 Mar 1999AsiaSat launch rescheduled
17 Dec 1998Russian launch plans revisited
24 Nov 1998AsiaSat orders backup bird
30 Oct 1998Asiasat shareholders talk to \"certain parties\"
09 Aug 1998AsiaSat: No profits
07 Jul 1998AsiaSat 4 later than 2000?
10 Mar 1998Asiasat 3S: nothing new
10 Mar 1998Khrunichev may drop DM-4
08 Mar 1998AsiaSat orders 3S
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