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30 Aug 2016SES-10 to be launched by Falcon 9 rocket
20 Feb 2014ADS to build, SpaceX to launch SES-10
11 May 2012SES S.A. results Q1 2012
16 Feb 2012MSLN signs AMC-4 capacity deal with SES
15 Feb 2012SES relocates AMC-3 to 67 degrees West
12 May 2011SES S.A. results Q1 2011
26 Apr 2011Global Crossing books new SES World Skies capacity
15 Mar 2011Axesat takes two transponders on AMC-4
26 Apr 2010Proton launches first satellite with 'SES' designation
19 Apr 2010SES-1 pre-launch details
06 Apr 2010SES-1 arrives at Baikonur
22 Jan 2010SES World Skies renames satellites (at least the new ones)
23 Oct 2009SES S.A. results Q3 2009
22 Jun 2009AMC capacity to be used for emergency network
24 Apr 2009SES S.A. results Q1 2009
13 Feb 2009SES S.A. results 2008
27 Oct 2008Third SES satellite affected by solar array anomaly
04 Aug 2008SES announces power problems on nine A2100 satellites
28 Apr 2008SES S.A. results Q1 2008
07 Feb 2008CMC moves to Americom C-band, AMC-18 full
29 Oct 2007BTV+ announces high definition satellite capability
01 Feb 2007AMC-18 declared operational
15 Nov 2006AMC-18 being prepared for launch aboard Ariane 5 ECA
21 Aug 2006SES Americom Expands HD-PRIME
15 Aug 2006New feeds on AMC-4 digital platform
27 Jul 2006Croatian TV on AMC-4
13 Jun 2006Comsat Mexico books capacity on Americom's AMC-4
24 Apr 2006PBS selects SES Americom for next-gen broadcast delivery
03 Nov 2005HNS increases capacity on AMC-9
14 Sep 2004Korean content on Home2US platform
15 Apr 2004Home2US Goes to SES Americom to Deliver Open Pay TV Platform
29 Mar 2004XY.tv on AMC-1
24 Feb 2004TuTv selects SES Americom for U.S. cable distribution
18 Feb 2004NBC stays on AMC-4
15 Dec 2003SES Americom secures Prison Television Network
20 Aug 2003Victory's Regional Sports Network on AMC-4
07 Apr 2003News in brief
13 Jan 2003SES Americom to provide broadband connections for cable customers
14 May 2002Stratos books AMC-4 transponder
02 May 2001Is satellite reception aboard aircraft legal?
14 Sep 2000Ariane 506 on GE 4
18 May 2000GE-4 services in Brazil
09 May 2000C-band goes digital
12 Jan 2000NSN on GE-4, GE-8
01 Nov 1999GE-4 arrives at Kourou
22 Oct 1999Ariane 5 launch date set (again)
22 Oct 1999Orion 2
06 Oct 1999GE Americom buys Columbia
30 Sep 1999Ariane: two more GE satellites
20 Sep 1999Arianespace reveals provisional launch manifest
06 Sep 1999Fordstar on GE-4
30 Apr 1999GE-4 to replace Spacenet 4
26 Mar 1999Proton plans
05 Feb 1999GE Americom orders four A2100s
17 Dec 1998Russian launch plans revisited
15 Dec 1998Russia's 1999 launch plan
11 May 1998New satellites
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