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31 May 2013Axesat of Colombia signs contract for capacity on Telesat's new Anik G1
08 May 2013Telesat's new Anik G1 satellite begins commercial service
16 Apr 2013Proton M lifts off with Anik G1 (part II)
18 Mar 2013Anik G1 arrives at Baikonur
14 Nov 2012Panasonic signs long-term contract for multiple Telesat transponders
01 Nov 2012Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q3 2012
13 Oct 2010Paradigm Services to lease full X-band capacity on Anik G1
28 Sep 2010Integral software to control four more Boeing 702 satellites
01 Jun 2010SS/L to build Telesat's multi-purpose Anik G1
31 Mar 2010Telesat to launch new Anik G1 satellite for Shaw Direct
10 Nov 2009Telesat Now Expects Anik F1 to Last Until 2016 Despite Flaw
01 May 2007Telesat says Boeing knew about faulty solar arrays -- WSJ
17 Feb 2007Telesat, SCC file lawsuits regarding Boeing satellite failures
03 Oct 2005Anik F1R operational
09 Sep 2005Anik-F1R in orbit after nine-hour flight
05 Sep 2005Anik F1R pre-launch details
02 Feb 2005Telesat results 2004
13 Sep 2004Insurers want compensation from Boeing for faulty solar arrays
19 Jul 2004Ariane-5 puts massive Canadian satellite into orbit
05 May 2004Telesat results Q1 2004
29 Oct 2003Telesat Canada results 3Q 2003
15 Sep 2003Boeing may face US$1 billion in insurance claims WSJ
30 Jul 2003Telesat Canada results 2Q 2003
19 Mar 2003Anik F1R to fly on Proton M in 2005
04 Feb 2003Telesat orders Anik F1R from Astrium
23 Oct 2002Anik F1: increased power loss could affect \"core services\"
24 Jul 2002Telesat Canada results 2Q 2002
06 May 2002Telesat results 1Q 2002
23 Jan 2002Anik F1 increases Telesat's operating revenue
04 Oct 2001Telesat satellites \"on schedule\"
01 Oct 2001Boeing 702s have problems with novel solar arrays
27 Jul 2001Telesat results
30 Mar 2001iDirect leases two Anik F1 transponders
23 Mar 2001Teleglobe leases four Anik F1 C-band transponders
21 Feb 2001Anik F1 commences commercial service
14 Feb 2001CRTC reserves Anik-F1 capacity for Star Choice
10 Jan 2001Satellite access sparks fight
22 Nov 2000Anik-F1
17 Nov 2000More Records
17 Nov 2000Ariane 5 sets new world record
14 Nov 2000Anik F1 pre-launch details
01 Nov 2000Telesat's new satellite suffers from optical illusion
16 Oct 2000Ariane schedule for the rest of the year
19 Jul 2000Anik F1 performs well
01 Jun 2000Arianespace to resume launch campaign 25 July
31 May 2000Anik F2 to be launched aboard Ariane 5 in 2002
18 Apr 2000Anik F2 ordered
06 Mar 2000Anik Launch date confirmed
03 Feb 2000Telesat Canada offers satellite services in the U.S.
25 Mar 1999Canadian digital TV
22 Feb 1999Telesat in South America
30 Oct 1998Telesat has customers for Anik F1
28 May 1998Arianespace to launch Anik F1
01 Apr 1998Hughes sets new satellite world record!
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