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16 Jun 2003BBC takes two more Astra 2D transponders, reaches deal with Sky
29 May 2003BBC has moved to Astra 2D
13 Mar 2003BBC satellite change may cause legal problems
03 Dec 2002Boeing 376 controlling made easy, thanks to Astro-Med
23 Nov 2001NTL to uplink ITV
27 Jul 2001NTL to put ITV on Astra 2D
30 Jun 2001BSkyB and SES--a review
28 Mar 2001SES, GE Americom deal comes closer--reports
16 Mar 2001ITV takes three Astra 2D transponders
07 Feb 2001Astra 2D operational
20 Dec 2000Astra 2D, GE 8, LDREX
14 Dec 2000Astra 2D pre-launch details
14 Dec 2000Eurasiasat pushed back, Astra 2D next on Ariane
22 Nov 2000GE-8 arrives at Kourou
14 Nov 2000Astra 2B operational
16 Oct 2000Ariane schedule for the rest of the year
29 May 2000Thruster trash in space and on the ground
12 May 2000Hostile take-over at 28.5 degrees
15 Oct 1999New Ariane launch contracts
22 Sep 1999Sirius to move, Astra 2B still grounded
14 Sep 1999Sirius 3 transfer to 5 E delayed
28 Jul 1999Astras #12 and #13
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