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05 Mar 2013Algérie Télécom Satellite renews contracts with Eutelsat
16 Feb 2012Eutelsat results H1 FY2011-2012
08 Feb 2012Algérie Télécom Satellite selects Eutelsat's new Atlantic Bird 7
30 Jan 2012Eutelsat's satellites break the barrier of 4,000 TV channels
16 Jan 2012SIS LIVE selects Eutelsat satellites for more outside broadcasting
01 Dec 2011Eutelsat to rename (almost) entire satellite fleet
09 Nov 2011Eutelsat's W3C satellite in full commercial service
03 Nov 2011Eutelsat Communications Q1 FY 2011-2012 revenues
31 Oct 2011MBC Group picks Atlantic Bird 7 to support HDTV Roll-Out
24 Oct 2011Atlantic Bird 7 enters service at 7 degrees West
26 Sep 2011Atlantic Bird 7 launch brings Sea Launch back in business
22 Sep 2011Next Sea Launch slips one day
20 Sep 2011Sea Launch starts Atlantic Bird 7 launch campaign
08 Sep 2011Atlantic Bird 7 launch on track
28 Jul 2011Eutelsat Communications results FY 2010-2011
28 Jul 2011Eutelsat orders 3B from Astrium
14 Jul 2011Eutelsat confirms Zenit 3SL launch of Atlantic Bird 7
09 Jun 2011Two commercial missions on Sea Launch's books for 2011
10 May 2011Eutelsat revenues Q3 FY2010-2011
08 Nov 2010Nilesat takes five Eutelsat transponders
04 Oct 2010Eutelsat W3B flown to Kourou
18 Feb 2010Eutelsat Communications results H1 FY2009/2010
05 Feb 2010Telespazio renews contracts with Eutelsat
29 Jan 2010Replacement satellites for W2 have arrived at 16 degrees East
28 Jan 2010Eutelsat W2 in safe mode; two replacement satellites en route
18 Dec 2009Elettronica Industriale extends leases with Eutelsat
05 Nov 2009Eutelsat revenues Q1 FY2009-2010
26 Oct 2009France 3 regional channels on Atlantic Bird 3
01 Oct 2009Noorsat books three more Eutelsat transponders
07 Sep 2009GlobeCast books two more Eutelsat transponders
14 May 2009Eutelsat Communications revenues Q3 FY 2008-2009
14 May 2009Astrium to build new bird for Eutelsat
08 Apr 2009French DTT channels come to Atlantic Bird 3
24 Mar 2009Nilesat, Eutelsat strengthen co-operation at 7 degrees East
10 Feb 2009Eutelsat Communications results H1 FY2008/2009
10 Apr 2008Orange to fill TV gaps in France using Eutelsat capacity
10 Jan 2008PBLSat books capacity on two Eutelsats
05 Dec 2007French satellite pay-TV platform to launch on 10 December
29 Nov 2007Algerian DTT to be distributed via Atlantic Bird 3
23 Oct 2007Eutelsat revenues Q1 FY 2007-2008
01 Oct 2007Skylogic broadband for Spanish region
20 Jun 2007Digiturk expands on Eutelsat's W3A
15 May 2007Eutelsat opens new neighbourhood after satellite rotation
02 Apr 2007FRANCE 24 launches Arabic version on Hotbird 8
13 Mar 2007Turner to distribute cable channels via Eutelsat
19 Jan 2007Eutelsat 2007 survey of satellite and cable homes
04 Jan 2007Skylogic, ViaSat bring in-flight communications to business jets
08 Sep 2006Siemens books Atlantic Bird 1 capacity for BBC
04 Sep 2006Eutelsat Communications results FY 2005-2006
31 Aug 2006FRANCE 24 takes Eutelsat capacity
03 Jul 2006Hotbird 4 moved, becomes Atlantic Bird 4
02 Jun 2006Eutelsat transmits HDTV trial
06 Apr 20062.8 million digital DTH Hotbird homes in France
15 Feb 2006Eutelsat Communications revenues 1H FY2005/2006
10 Sep 2005Ar-Sat: Argentina in a hurry to find investors and gapfiller
06 Sep 2005Hotbird 4 to move and become Nilesat 103
02 Aug 2005Analysis: Argentina to go ahead with Ar-Sat, looking for gap-filler
19 Jul 2005Background: The history of Europe*Star
05 Jul 2005Algérie Télécom to use Eutelsat for broadband
30 Mar 2005Eutelsat to distribute French digital terrestrial TV multiplexes
16 Dec 2004No explanation for Meteosat-8 SSPA failure
19 Apr 2004Eutelsat offers occasional use capabilities for Olympics
20 Feb 2004Russian World on Atlantic Bird, more channels planned
13 Feb 2004MSG-1 operational, renamed Meteosat 8
16 Dec 2003Eutelsat has problems with two birds
24 Oct 2003Fourth RFI platform on Atlantic Bird 3
04 Apr 2003Eutelsat, Globecast to jointly market AB3 gateway
21 Mar 2003Eutelsat opens Italian multimedia platform
12 Mar 2003Eutelsat W5 reaches Australia
10 Feb 2003Connexion by Boeing trial on Eutelsat
12 Nov 2002New Atlantic Bird platforms offered by Globecast
05 Sep 2002Atlantic Bird 1 payload activated
28 Aug 2002MSG 1, Atlantic Bird 1
27 Aug 2002Delay of the day: Atlantic Bird 1, MSG 1
25 Aug 2002Next two Ariane flights on schedule
23 Aug 2002Intersputnik to market Eutelsat capacity
23 Aug 2002Atlantic Bird 1, MSG 1 pre-launch details
05 Jul 2002Atlantic Bird and MSG 1 on next Ariane 5 flight
21 May 2002Update: Ariane launches
15 Apr 2002Atlantic Bird 1 looking for launch opportunity
05 Apr 2002Eutelsat buys Wet One
15 Mar 2002Eutelsat plans IPO by October 2002
09 Jan 2002Loral reaches settlement with U.S. government
29 Nov 2001Eutelsat announces first viaAvision customer
22 Nov 2001Eutelsat bundles German cable TV package
15 Nov 2001Ariane 5 to fly again late January
06 Nov 2001Eutelsat to offer digital multi-language packages
19 Oct 2001Eutelsat's Atlantic Bird 2 operational
01 Oct 2001Atlantic Bird 2
13 Sep 2001German cable feeds to move?
31 Aug 2001Atlantic Birds on Permitted List
30 Aug 2001Intelsat 902
28 Aug 2001More news from Birdland
22 Sep 2000Saab Ericsson Space equipment for Eutelsat
19 Sep 2000Eutelsat do Brasil opened
26 Jan 2000More CrazyBirds from Eutelsat
25 Jan 2000News from Birdland
05 Jan 2000Atlantic Bird with Tecstar solar panels
14 Dec 1999Eutelsat, Loral Skynet
23 Oct 1999Guess the satellite!
28 Jun 1999Atlantic Bird seems to be CesaSat
21 Jun 1999The Satellite is Right
19 May 1999Eutelsat missions
08 May 1999Atlantic Eutelsat planned
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